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I have experienced Reiki with Melissa on 2 occasions and both times I was in very different states of mind. The first time I was quite anxious and emotional and had a lot of uncertainty in my life; the Reiki session I had was so deeply calming and relaxing. Melissa completed a really detailed consultation with me which highlighted a number of different problems that had Melissa not been so thorough, would not have come up. The second Reiki session was after a period of change and at the beginning of a very calm period in my life; the treatment was really uplifting and seemed to clear a lot of garbage from my aura. On both occasions I felt very relaxed and slept brilliantly. I would recommend Melissa to anyone as she has such a lovely manner. It is difficult not to relax and open up to being treated with Reiki.

Ruth Smith


I had a Reiki session with Melissa having never tried it before. It was a deeply relaxing experience and I felt almost like I was weightless at certain points in the treatment! I also felt heat at some points. I had been having trouble sleeping but this problem disappeared after the Reiki. As a new mum, I would definitely recommend it as a way of taking time out for yourself to relax and feel more energised.

Claire Roche


I had a half hour Reiki session with Melissa last October and it was AMAZING. I felt very cold and icy when she touched the back of my head and she felt there was something above my right eyebrow when she touched my right knee area. This is spooky as I have epilepsy and my right eyebrow twitches when I am going to be ill. I fully recommend her services; she is a very clever lady.

Val Willis


I was not sure what to expect when I went for a Reiki treatment with Melissa but she was very forthcoming and friendly and put me at ease straight away.

It was very different to what I expected. Far from being a straight-forward massage; Reiki is more about energy. It is hard to describe but when having the treatment you can almost feel energy moving around your body. For me this manifested itself as a tingling in my hands as well as a sensation of lights in my eyes. Several times I had to open my eyes to see if there was just someone actually shining a light at me.

Afterwards I felt very alert and focused but my body felt very soft and rested. The softness went away quite quickly but the feeling of alertness stayed for the next couple of days. I would describe it as a very “organic” sort of alertness, not agitated or busy which is how I feel after a coffee but just very sharp in my focus. It might have been my imagination but I felt like I noticed a lot more going on around me after I left.

I think everyone should give it a go at least once. Especially if you are a sceptic like me!

Josh Dyer


I have been enjoying regular Reiki sessions with Melissa Day for a number of months now and have felt a benefit to my overall health and well-being. As a sufferer of acid reflux I have noticed a reduction in the symptoms during this time which has in turn reduced a need to take medication. I happily recommend Melissa's service.

Natalie Chaplin


After trying all sorts of painful methods of hair removal, I wanted to give up and start shaving. I then came across sugaring. This is like no other form of hair removal - it is natural and leaves your skin in such good condition - silky soft! I will never go back to other methods of hair removal now. The best thing about it is that I can see a noticeable difference in the hair growth - it is much more sparse and finer which is a miracle! Melissa thank goodness I found you!

Im Myres

Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting/Shaping

I can't believe what a difference the eyelash and eyebrow tinting and shaping treatment has made to my overall appearance. I have a very light complexion and Melissa skilfully mixed the natural plant based dyes to get a tone that was just right for me. It complimented my skin perfectly. I now don't look washed out and I am amazed every time I look in the mirror. Thank you!

Chloe Pepsie

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Hello, my name is Kay; I have been on my spiritual path for a numbers of years. I was honoured and privileged to be invited by Melissa Niroshini Day to have a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) session. QHHT is a healing system devised by a lady called Dolores Cannon. It is a form of healing I was not aware of therefore Melissa very kindly sent me a sheet explaining all, thereafter I checked out Dolores Cannon’s website

All I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW – the day was most enlightening. I am not a stranger to looking at and dealing with past life issues but what QHHT provided me with is clarity around what it is I am specifically working on currently in my life and confirmation of issues that I wasn’t 100% certain as to whether or not they were having an impact on my life.

The first part consisted of Melissa and I working together to hone the questions that I had already prepared to be asked when under hypnosis. That was enlightening in itself –issues came to light that I thought I had dealt with long ago; clearly they needed a fresh “airing” and more healing.

Thereafter, Melissa provided a truly scrumptious Indian vegan lunch which was much needed as I find working on myself and soul searching to be very hungry work!

Then followed a very relaxing meditation to get me into a delightfully calm place, prior to the hypnosis session and dialogue with “The Subconscious’”. During the QHHT part of the day, I was aware of some of the dialogue that took place but thankfully Melissa provided me with a recording of the entire session because there were many gaps in my recollection.

The following day I felt so much lighter and brighter, like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I truly felt like I was walking on air; I was calm, relaxed and was most certainly on a high. Naturally that state did not last but I have been left with a deeper sense of self and an understanding of why I behave the way I do in certain situations.

All in all, it was a thoroughly enjoyable day; a day that I cannot recommend highly enough.

Thank you Melissa for your time, support and gentle kindness; the QHHT day for me was indeed a life changing experience.

Kay Klein

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Having QHHT was a totally new experience for me. The day started with an in depth discussion about my life experiences and why I had chosen the questions I came to the session with. This in itself was a positive experience, giving me the opportunity to go through some parts of my life which I don't often discuss.

After a lovely Indian lunch, we worked together to decide what questions to ask and the best way to form the questions.

I had cut out stimulants from my diet for a few days before the QHHT and had been meditating regularly in preparation as requested and after our morning together I easily relaxed into the hypnosis session.

I let the answers flow, although I was quite aware of the situation and often felt my conscious self thinking differently to what I was saying! So I felt like my higher self truly was answering the questions.

After the session, I felt very relaxed and really empowered. I gave myself some space to reflect and think about the answers and how best to move forward. Melissa had also given me the opportunity to record the session with my own device and she also recorded the session and sent it to me digitally so I could re-listen to the answers.

To anyone thinking about having some QHHT with Melissa, I would highly recommend the experience; it's a chance to step back from your day-to-day life and discover the answers to questions which you wouldn't usually get a chance to access.

Kim Steer

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

QHHT is an amazing experience which can help unlock answers to questions that you just can't fathom! My session with Melissa started with an in depth discussion about some questions to which I wanted some guidance. Melissa expertly questioned me to help get to the real root of these questions. Following the morning session, Melissa provided a lovely healthy lunch before moving to the hypnosis. I found Melissa's gentle voice guided me and I easily relaxed into the hypnosis. Accessing information from the Higher Self is a fascinating experience which really did provide answers to the questions I had come with. The session also uncovered some answers to health related issues and I look forward to improving my health too as a result of this. Overall, a very positive experience providing me with guidance that will undoubtedly help me along my path. Thank you Melissa.

Miranda Hilton

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

I had a QHHT session with Melissa and I found it to be an amazing experience. Melissa is so very lovely and very welcoming, understanding and her food was also very delicious too!
I was conscious throughout the hypnosis session but wasn't in control of what I was saying; it definitely came from my higher self/subconscious. I was under for about an hour and a half; it was a very interesting experience, though some of it was quite emotional at times – being taken back to previous lives and some situations I hadn't dealt with in this lifetime and asking my subconscious questions that I wanted answering about my health and emotions. After the session I felt very calm and just felt wonderful!
Listening back to the recording of the session was also very interesting and also emotional. I cried several times because it all made so much sense to me on how I feel about things. It has helped me make sense of so many things, things that I couldn't ever place my finger on to why I felt that way, not understanding why I was here or what my life purpose was. However, listening back to my session on several occasions now, has helped me understand more about myself in this lifetime and answered everything I needed to know about the way I view my life and why I am the way I am. It has just helped me to be more relaxed into this life, knowing that my past lives do have some influence on my feelings and that, that's ok!
I would highly recommend QHHT to anyone who has unanswered questions about how they feel about their lives and I would highly recommend having the session with the lovely Melissa. I would definitely do it again; it's just wonderful.

Jo Burrows

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