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A Reiki treatment with Melissa is like a warm embrace; a comfortable, comforting process with gentle music playing as you lie back on a couch and allow your thoughts to come and go, your mind and body to relax, as Melissa begins to work her magic.

Reiki is an ancient method of removing negative, toxic vibrations from the body. These vibrations may be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual and when a knowledgeable practitioner performs the treatment, such negativity is banished from the body. In its place, positive, healthy vibrations are planted, like a seed, growing over time to give the recipient an increasing sense of wellness and balance.

You can remain fully clothed during the treatment as the healing effect passes through clothing and even plaster casts.

Starting at the head, Melissa’s hands are placed gently on your body, initially cupping the eyes, then the side of the head; gradually working her way down your body. You may experience gentle warmth, coolness or even a little tingling.

Most clients feel calm and relaxed during the treatment and for some, the healing process is so powerful that they may even experience other emotions – there may be an urge to sob as feelings held within are finally released and can be allowed to leave the body. This is perfectly natural. It’s just part of the cleansing and healing.

As Reiki is in effect a form of detoxing, the client may even feel a little achy and tired immediately after treatment. Again, this is perfectly natural and is simply a sign of the negative leaving the body to make way for the positive.

All clients are asked to a consultation initially so that Melissa may evaluate the needs of the individual and channel the correct energies to cleanse and help heal that person.

Melissa Day is fully qualified as a Reiki Master Healer in Usui Traditional Reiki and an Angelic and Karuna Reiki practitioner.


Price List


Consultation £25

Reiki Session £40


Cancellation Policy

Please be aware that we have a twenty four hour cancellation policy at Niroshini Holistic Health & Beauty.

If you wish to cancel or rearrange your appointment, you need to let us know at least twenty four hours before your appointment. Unfortunately you will be liable to pay a cancellation fee of fifty percent of the treatment or alternatively forfeit a treatment if you are on a pre-paid course if the cancellation period is not adhered to.

If you have a Gift Voucher, fifty percent of the amount will be forfeited if you fail to give us twenty four hours notice when cancelling your appointment.

Please arrive in plenty of time for your appointment. Regretfully, late arrival, will constitute reduced treatment time but will be charged at the full rate.

Refund Policy

Please note that we do not offer refunds on any treatment. However, if you change your mind about your purchase within fourteen days, we are happy to exchange it for another treatment. The only exception to this policy is a serious or long term illness, confirmed by a medical certificate.

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